Aug 29th, 2014
Aug 15th, 2014

Jean-Michel Basquiat by Richard Corman, 1984.
Aug 9th, 2014
Aug 9th, 2014


half of me is like ‘lets get a billion tattoos and wear killer heels and sharp eyeliner and red lipstick and leather jackets and dye my hair super bright colors’

and the other half is ‘lets wear pastel dresses and cardigans and ballet flats and play ukulele and wear cute jewelry’

and i think that pretty much sums up my entire existence

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Aug 8th, 2014
Aug 3rd, 2014
Aug 2nd, 2014
Jul 23rd, 2014
Jul 23rd, 2014
Jul 23rd, 2014


True life: my phone is dying but I’m too lazy to get my charger